Meaning and details of the Sahabi name: Minhal

NameSexMeaning(s)Arabic SpellingSahabis
also spelled as: Menhaal
Meaning(s) of Minhal:
Extremely gracious
There are 5 companions named Minhal:
Minhal bin Aws al-Nakri منهال بن أوس النكري
Minhal bin Abi Minhal منهال بن أبي منهال
Minhal al-Qaisi منهال القيسي
al-Minhal al-Tamimi المنهال التميمي
al-Minhal (last name unknown) المنهال غير منسوب

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  1. On 22/03/2017 - 14:49

    If the above name is really of the Sahabi name, Please guide us.

  2. On 06/08/2017 - 19:02

    WHO is Minhal al qaisi

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